Full Service Container Moves

Our Full Service Container option combines the skills of professional movers with the convenience of easy storage. Trained packers and movers will wrap and move your furniture and personal effects into designated containers. Our furniture movers take special care to not scratch, ding, or otherwise damage any piece. This allows exclusive use of the containers during the move – they are loaded and unloaded at your residence only. We work around your schedule, ensuring that loading and delivery of items happen on the day you choose.

Benefits include:

  • Faster transit times: the order is shipped the day you load.
  • Exclusive use: the container is loaded and unloaded at your residence only.
  • Flexible scheduling: up to 21 days of exclusive use with no delivery-window requirements.
  • Valuation protection: $10,000 per container.
  • Flexible space: 1 to 4 containers per order.
  • Competitive monthly storage rates:
    1 Container = $80
    2 Containers = $150
    3 Containers = $220
    4 Containers = $290

Certain restrictions apply. Pianos, motorcycles, canoes, and boats are not allowed.

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