In 2013, while taking classes at UW-Madison, one of our managers heard about an organization called Sustain Dane. Intrigued, he decided to look into what they stood for and why. This led us to become involved with their MPower Business Champion program, a year-long undertaking aimed at helping businesses take steps to become more green while also measuring the impact of their actions. Since beginning the MPower Business Champion program, we are proud to have implemented several new sustainability initiatives throughout our business.

To guide our Sustainability program, Reynolds relies on the Brundtland Commission’s 1992 definition from the report Our Common Future, which defines Sustainable Development as:

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As a moving and storage company, the bulk of the environmental impact of Reynolds’ services occurs during daily operations, such as trucking, office activities, and building operations.  We recognize that we have significant room for improvement in order to meet the definition as outlined by the Brundtland report, and have many projects in various stages of completion aimed at reducing our overall environmental impact.  The projects outlined on these pages aim to reduce Reynolds’ environmental footprint in all areas of operation and our supply chain.


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