Versa-Lift Fork Trucks

Reynolds Transfer & Storage, Inc. has all the heavy hauling moving equipment you could need. One of the most versatile tools we use for heavy hauling is the Versa-Lift Fork Truck.

We have three Versa-Lifts to match the needs of any job, the most powerful of which is able to lift 80,000 pounds!

 Versa-Lift Features

  • With the frame retracted and counterweight added, our 60/80 Versa-Lift has a lift capacity of 60,000 pounds and is extremely maneuverable.
  • The frame can easily be extended and the same fork truck’s lift capacity will raise to 80,000 pounds.
  • A riggers boom can be attached so that machines and other heavy pieces can be picked up from above.

Similarly, the 40/60 Versa-Lift makes heavy machinery and heavy equipment moving just as easy as the 60/80. It can lift 40,000 pounds when the frame is retracted and 60,000 pounds when the frame is extended.

Our third Versa-Lift can handle weights of 25,000 pounds and 35,000 pounds, respectively.

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