At Reynolds Transfer & Storage, we can move just about any machine or piece of equipment out of the tightest corner. Our Traksporter easily moves over 110,000 pounds, making it the ultimate machine for heavy lifting in tight spaces. When it comes to heavy equipment and machinery moving, we know our stuff.

Check out this video of our Traksporter moving a giant CNC machine!

Traksporter Features

  • Easily lifts and moves heavy machinery & heavy equipment with a capacity exceeding 110,000 pounds.
  • Moves heavy, awkward objects in tight areas where it is difficult or impossible to use a forklift or other means.
  • Eliminates the need to push or pull the object with a forklift and to re-position a forklift to make corners.
  • Gives the operator complete control of the object being moved so there is no miscommunication with the forklift operator on the other side of the machine.
  • Reduces the need to tie up customer aisles, costing production time. The crawler and power unit are small enough that they can be put next to the machine being moved.
  • Provides smooth, continuous power to navigate corners non-stop and with maximum control.
  • Reduces the need to transport heavy forklifts and multiple vehicles to the job site.
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