Goldhofer Trailer

Goldhofer Trailer

Our heavy-duty Goldhofer trailer is a modular trailer. Modules are rated for up to 1,000,000 pounds as shown, with 12 lines.

With 96 tires, the weight for this transformer load and the modules combined came to under 5,000 pounds per tire. By working with state, county and local authorities we were able to move it to the destination quickly and efficiently.

Key Numbers:

1,000,000 – maximum hauling weight in pounds for our new Goldhofer trailer

96 – number of tires on our new Goldhofer trailer

12 – number of axle lines on the trailer

24 – number of axles

We purchased the Goldhofer trailer from the Netherlands in 2022 to
better serve our heavy machinery moving customers. This trailer
increases our hauling capacity from 170,000 pounds to one million
pounds. It boasts excellent manoeuvrability given the length and
extremely high capacity – up to 55 degrees of steering on all axles.
Finally, it is adjustable and can be tailored to increase efficiency
on each particular job: the modular sections (two sections with twelve
axles on each) can be used together or separately, and the height is
adjustable and adaptable to a variety of sites and situations. Even in
its largest assembled configuration, it can mobilize directly to a
site ready to work.

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