Rain Barrels & Garden

Rain Barrels

Reynolds has installed a rain barrel system capable of capturing over 2,750 gallons of water off of the warehouse roofs. After capturing, the water is used for watering the landscape, washing vehicles, or emptied into the storm drainage system more than 24 hours from the nearest rainfall.

A recent stormwater analysis showed that Reynolds’ storage locations collect roughly 400,000 gallons of water per month in the summer, far more than Reynolds can use for regular operations. Please contact Reynolds Transfer at (608) 257-3914 ext. 211 if you are interested in using the captured rainwater runoff.


Rain Garden

Employees built a rain garden at our Darwin Road location that is capable of capturing approximately 1/3 of the site runoff and filtering it through the ground prior to reaching the city sewer system. Reynolds is currently working on other projects aimed at ensuring that 100% of the stormwater runoff is filtered prior to leaving the site.

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