Moving from one home to another can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Life doesn’t completely stop when you move. You undoubtedly have your regular daily responsibilities to deal with on top of preparing for your relocation. To save time and reduce stress, you may consider hiring full-service movers. 

To determine if full-service movers are the right choice for you, it is helpful to know what services they offer. In addition, you should research the costs involved and how they align with your overall move budget.

Also, keep in mind moving companies self-categorize themselves as full-service. These companies may offer a varying selection of services. Companies not categorized as full-service movers may also offer some of the services listed below.

1. Reputable Movers Should Provide a Detailed Estimate.

Detailed estimates or quotes should include both service costs and expected time to execute the entire move process. Request an itemized list of services and the corresponding fees to determine which ones you can afford. It will also help you understand what to expect on moving day.

2. Full-Service Movers Plan Move Logistics.

They should be able to plan most of the details of your move day. De include securing a moving permit allowing the moving truck to be parked along the street for an extended period of time. 

Exit and entry routes from the homes will also need to be planned. These will depend on the location and size of the items being moved. In general, experienced full-service movers should be able to devise an efficient plan to move your belongings safely and efficiently.

3. They Provide Enough Manpower to Execute a High-Quality Move.

Full-service movers should assign the appropriate number of qualified workers to ensure the move is completed successfully in a reasonable amount of time. The move may take an unnecesarrily long time if there aren’t enough workers. On the other hand, managing too many workers is difficult, making the entire process chaotic.

4. Full-Service Movers Supply Packing Materials and Equipment Needed for the Move.

Packing materials include boxes, tape, and cushioning materials. This service available is a valuable time saver. You won’t need to spend time gathering these supplies ahead of time.

Some movers also offer the use of plastic bins or crates. These are an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes since they are reusable. Because these crates are made of hard plastic they also provided added protection for your fragile items.

Full-Service movers also bring dollies to move boxes and larger items. In addition, moving blankets are provided to protect larger items that don’t fit into boxes.

5. Packing Service is Commonly Offered By Full-Service Movers.

Experienced full-service movers will be able to skillfully pack your belongings to prevent damage during the move. They will also ensure boxes are not overpacked which can make them heavier and more difficult to move. Packing services will save you time to devote to other things on your moving checklist

Having the movers pack your items guarantees they will be covered under Full Value Protection which is offered by full-service movers. With Full Value Protection, your movers will cover any damaged items at their current market value.

6. Full-Service Movers Have the Ability to Safely Move Fragile or High-Ticket Items. 

If you have high-value items included in your move such as a piano or artwork, you will want it to be transferred by movers with experience relocating these types of items. They take the necessary measures to ensure the safe transport of these specialty items.

Crating is a safe option to protect your fragile valuables that need added protection. The crates are made of wood which provides reliable protection for your items. They are also weather and humidity resistant which make it an appropriate container for moving things such as artwork. 

This service is particularly useful for larger items of value that may not fit into regular boxes or smaller reusable plastic crates.

7. Furniture Tear-Down and Set-Up is a Convenience Available with Many Full-Service Moving Companies.

For ease of moving, some of your furniture may require disassembly. Full-service moving companies should have basic tools on hand to take furniture apart. If available, have assembly instructions on hand so the movers can disassemble without causing damage to the furniture. 

Full-service movers can also reassemble all your furniture once your belongings have reached their final destination.

8. Using Moving Blankets and Runners, Movers Can Protect Your Floors and Door Trim.

As the movers carry items both big and small through your home, it’s important they avoid damaging the walls, floors, doors, or trim. Full-service movers bring runners and extra moving blankets that are used to protect doorways, flooring, and walls where necessary.

9. Moving Companies, Whether Full-Service or Not,  Provide Loading, Unloading, and Transporting Services.

The core service of any moving company is the transportation of your belongings from one location to another. Movers should be experienced enough to pack and unload a truck efficiently to minimize time and damage.

10. Move-Out Cleaning Services Are Offered by Some Full-Service Movers.

A significant amount of time if freed up when you do not have to worry about cleaning the home you are moving from. You will be able to get to your new home more quickly to prepare for the delivery of your belongings and get some last-minute cleaning done there.

To alleviate stress, allow your full-service movers to clean your previous home. It will also help you save energy for your remaining moving tasks.

11. Some Full-Service Movers Offer Temporary Storage Solutions.

Storage options may be helpful if you are unable to move into your new home right away. Temporary storage is also helpful for shorter-term moves to smaller spaces where all your belongings do not fit.

In either case, full-service movers should be able to deliver to or from the storage location. The storage building itself should be temperature-controlled and secure so your items are kept safe.

12. Full-Service Movers Can Place Your Furniture Where You Specify at Your New Location.

Instead of haphazardly dropping off your furniture in the designated rooms, request your movers to place them according to your planned layout. Have a layout in mind ahead of time to avoid having to rearrange the furniture after the movers have already left.

13. Some Full-Service Movers May Offer Unpacking Services to Help You Get Settled Into Your New Home.

Unpacking your belongings can be a tedious process. Full-service movers can help you remove your items from boxes and unwrap the cushioning material from them. They could also go as far as putting the items away in cabinets, drawers, closets, or on shelves.

There are some things you may want to put away on your own. However, even having the movers unpack only books or dishes to place on shelves or in cabinets would save you time and labor.

14. A Helpful Service Many Movers Provide is the Removal of Used Packing Materials.

As you deal with the chaos of settling into your new home, the more space you have the better. It can be stressful having empty boxes and packing paper littered around your home and garage. Most full-service moving companies will haul away any used packing materials and supplies you no longer need. 

15. Highly Experienced Movers Can Offer Services to Relocate Technology to Your New Home.

Dealing with all the cords and wires to your high-tech equipment can be confusing and stressful. Experienced full-service movers can carefully disconnect and pack away your technology equipment so no cords are accessories are misplaced. 

Upon arrival at your new home, they will be able to reconnect all the equipment. This is one less thing for you to worry about as you settle in.

While some of these services are included in full-service movers’ basic packages, others can be requested on an ala carte basis. When requesting a quote, make sure to request the specific cost of each service not included in the basic package. 

Request the cost of most, if not all, of the available services. This will help you make an informed decision as to which services work with your budget.


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