The Road Home supports families facing homelessness in the Madison, Wisconsin area. The organization assists in locating affordable housing and provides support services to help these families remain in their homes. The goal is to support these families’ efforts to avoid homelessness in the long-term. Since 2015, Reynolds Transfer & Storage has partnered with The Road Home in their mission by providing furniture donation pick-up and storage services.


What is the Homelessness Situation in the Madison Area?

In July 2019, there were 650 people experiencing homelessness in the Madison area. This data was recorded on a specific day and is used as a general guide on the homelessness trends in the Madison area. About one-third of this population represents 60 families.

Within one year (2019), The Road Home was able to help place about 229 families in affordable housing. Through several programs, The Road Home helps families maintain stable housing once they have found a home.  


How Does Reynolds Transfer & Storage Furniture Donation Pick-Up Service for The Road Home Work?

Reynolds’s furniture donation pick-up service falls into two different categories – move-related and non-move-related.

1. When you are getting ready to move, you might find the need to purge unwanted furniture pieces.

This may be the case if you are downsizing your home, or your furniture may not match your new home’s style. Whatever the reason, your moving checklist is likely already long, so you may be hesitant to add the task of rehoming unwanted furniture to it. 

Although it would be tempting, don’t put the task off until after your move. Doing so would mean needlessly hauling unwanted furniture with you to your new home. Including unwanted furniture in your move would be a waste of time and energy and increase your overall moving costs. 

Reynolds Transfer & Storage’s residential move customers can take advantage of its furniture donation pick-up service on the day of their move. There is no need to schedule a separate time to have someone pick up the furniture. Reynolds will remove your furniture donation as its moving crew moves your other items out of your home. Just be sure to clearly mark your furniture donations, so there is no confusion about which pieces you are donating and which the moving crew should take to your new home. 

If you happen to come across unopened cleaning supplies or personal care products during the packing process, put them aside for The Road Home. Your Reynolds Madison moving crew will be happy to take these along with your furniture donation.

2. You can still take advantage of Reynolds’ furniture donation pick-up service even if you aren’t planning to move anytime soon. 

Maybe you have just redecorated or renovated your home, and some of your furniture no longer works in its original space. In many cases, these furniture pieces still have many years of life left in them. 

Save time (and your back!) by scheduling a furniture donation pick-up with Reynolds Transfer & Storage. Of course, best of all, you will be helping struggling families through The Road Home. Requesting a pick-up time is as easy as filling out an online form through Reynolds’s website. Just visit its Community Involvement page. The information you provide in the form will help Reynolds plan for an efficient furniture donation pick-up. 


What types of furniture donations will Reynolds pick up for The Road Home?

The Road Home will accept most furniture donations in good condition. The organization is looking for the following furniture items for families in need:

  • Beds, mattresses
  • Dressers
  • Kitchen tables and chairs
  • Living room chairs
  • Sofas, couches

It cannot take the following items: 

  • Waterbeds
  • King-size beds
  • Loft beds
  • Entertainment centers
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Sofas or couches greater than 82 inches in length

Furniture donations should also be free of stains, including pet markings, odors, and bed bugs. In general, items should be in new or good usable condition.

Also, keep in mind that families will be using your donations to furnish apartments. Therefore, oversized furniture items would be impractical in terms of space and make it difficult for families to move in the future.

If you have a question about a particular furniture item you are considering for donation or the furniture donation pick-up process, please contact Reynolds at

Furniture donation pick-up by Reynolds Transfer & Storage

Once Reynolds completes the furniture donation pick-up, how do the pieces get to the families in need?

Reynolds’s Madison movers will transport furniture donations to its storage facility, where they are temporarily housed. After case managers at The Road Home assign donated furniture to families based on needs, Reynolds delivers them to the appropriate homes. 

Learn more about how The Road Home helps fight family homelessness in the Madison area by visiting its website.  

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