These are our best tips for organizing and updating your personal records and important documents when you’re ready to make your move. Updating this information can make your life a lot easier and give you far fewer things to worry about once your move is made. Peace of mind can go a long way during the difficult task of moving.

  • Gather information about your prescriptions and the dates of your last examinations. Be sure to check the phone numbers and addresses of your physician, dentist and hospital to ensure they are current; this will help you when getting health records transferred to your new providers.
  • See if your physician offers a records request form.  
  • Ask your dentist and doctor to recommend colleagues in the new city.
  • Transfer, sell or resign memberships to gyms, clubs or associations.
  • Report your move to any leading agency with which you do business.  The lender’s permission may be required to move personal property in which the lender has an interest.
  • Remember to update your driver’s license once you have moved, and apply for new hunting and fishing licenses, pet licenses, boat licenses, etc.
  • Give your new address to your former employer so a copy of your W-2 form can be forwarded.
  • Ask your child’s school to transfer his or her record and credentials – or secure transcripts of the records from the school.
  • Return library books and apply for a new card in your new city.
  • In the months before your move, start changing your address online for magazines, monthly newsletters, newspapers etc. Many times, you can change your address starting on a specific date, so you can take care of it ahead of time.
  • Update your address with the US Post Office, to ensure you don’t miss any important mail.

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