As you prepare for your office relocation, you are likely putting together an office move checklist. Your hope is this checklist will ensure the move process runs smoothly.

Office moves are a common occurrence for growing companies with changing needs. Knotel, a company helping businesses with office space, conducted a study that found the top reason for office relocations is growth (47% of respondents). The study, surveying 170 executives at mid-sized companies, also revealed that most (92%) have relocated their offices at least once in the past decade. In addition, almost a quarter (23%) moved at least three times.

Moving your business may seem like a daunting task. However, the good news is there are ways to minimize the stress involved. For example, effective communication and proactive planning go a long way when undertaking an office move. Remember, it’s never too early to begin the planning process.

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the stress levels usually associated with an office move? 

Fortunately, there you can include these things in your office move checklist to help achieve a stress-free move:


1. Communication is a key component in office move checklists. Therefore, keep your employees in the loop once your company decides to relocate its offices.

Imagine you are told, with little notice, your workplace is relocating.

You do not want to surprise employees with an office relocation at the last minute. An office move not only affects their work life. It could also impact their personal life with longer commute times.

Companies should consider how people appreciate being included in decisions that affect them. 

Therefore, communicate office relocations to employees as early as possible. When doing so, state clear reasons for the move to ensure early employee buy-in early. Also, be sure to thoroughly address any employee questions or concerns.

Considering employee feedback as you make a major company-wide decision can undoubtedly have a positive effect on morale. Before starting to search for a new office location, gather feedback from the various departments in your company. This feedback should be used to determine the final location, space, and configuration needs. As you begin scoping out the logistics of your office move, remember it is important to communicate with employees throughout the process. Consistent and clear communication will ensure departmental needs are met.

Therefore, when reviewing your office move checklist, be sure employee communications are included.


2. Communicate office moves to business partners, clients, and vendors/suppliers. 

Minimize downtime and negative effects on productivity during your office move. Firstly, contact all the companies and individuals your company works with externally ahead of time. Let them know what days your company plans to be out of operation due to the move. In addition, update them with your company’s new address and contact information.


3. Identify your needs before starting your search for professional office movers. First, build an exhaustive list of services you anticipate needing for a smooth office move.

Let’s face it, the move process is never as easy as we hope it would be.

That’s why office movers offer a variety of services that allow companies to execute a stress-free move. In addition, these services allow them to be up and running in a reasonable amount of time.

You may be wondering if these additional services are worth the possible added costs.

Here is how you can benefit from taking advantage of these additional services:


Move Management services help office moves stay organized.

Office move experts have a detailed understanding of the factors involved with office relocations. Because they have the expertise, allow professional office move managers to deal with these details. As a result, employees can focus on their actual jobs, and downtime is minimized.

As an added bonus, some office moving companies offer training sessions for employees. These sessions teach them how to best prepare for an office move. In addition, employees learn to efficiently execute their responsibilities on moving day. 

Communicate your company’s needs and circumstances and let the office move managers handle the logistics.


Assess Your Office’s Temporary or Longer-term Storage Needs.

Circumstances may require short-term or long-term storage for furniture, equipment, or documents. Therefore, selecting a professional office moving company that provides storage services is an added convenience. Finding movers that offer storage give companies peace of mind knowing the same people storing their items are executing their office move. A reputable office moving company will have a thorough inventory management system. This system will protect your items from getting lost during transportation.

Warehousing larger items or storing documents can free up valuable space at your company’s new location.  Therefore, as you plan your move, identify any items that could be stored at a secure off-site location.

If you have anticipated storage needs, remember to inquire about the security at a moving company’s storage facilities. Also, be sure to ask whether the facilities are climate-controlled so the condition of your company’s items is not compromised.


Inquire About Furniture Tear-down and Set-up Services.

This is another service that saves companies time. Fortunately, many office moving companies offer furniture tear-down and set-up services. It will also help employees get back to the jobs they were hired to do. Leave this task to office moving professionals who have experience setting up and breaking down office furniture.

Researching available services is a vital part of your office move checklist. It ensures you pick the best moving company for your business’ needs.

4. Conduct thorough research on local office moving companies.

This may be your first office move. Or maybe you did not have an ideal experience with your last move. In either case, include an office mover search on your office move “to-do” list. 

So, how do you go about conducting a search for the perfect office moving company?

There are several factors that will impact your final decision when selecting movers to relocate your company. As you begin your search, consider these resources in evaluating the experience, reliability, and trustworthiness of local office movers:

  • Solicit recommendations from business partners, clients, or other companies with which you work.

  • When individuals or companies have a great product or service experience, they are more than eager to share it. All you have to do is ask.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) database for company reviews and complaints filed against office moving companies.

  • The BBB also provides an overall grade for each company based on several factors outlined on its website.
  • Search for online customer reviews on Google or Yelp.

  • Take note of any specific issues these reviewers may have mentioned. Inquire about these issues when speaking to prospective office moving companies.
  • Consider the number of years the office moving company has been in business.

  • Those with more experience likely have dealt with a variety of corporate relocation issues. Reputable ones are prepared to deal with these issues based on their years of experience.
  • Without a doubt, verify that the office moving company is licensed and insured.

  • Accidents happen so it is important that any damage or injuries are covered. Licensed movers adhere to guidelines to maintain their licenses, including insurance. Companies that select a licensed mover can be comforted knowing their items are secure and being handled safely and responsibly.
  • Investigate any required specializations moving companies may have.

  • For example, your company may have several fragile or high-ticked items included in the office move. In this case, it is beneficial to find an office moving company with experience moving these types of items.

As you begin finalizing your short list of potential office moving companies, plan on contacting each for a detailed quote. The detailed quote should outline the specific services that are included. Price should not be the only factor considered. However, it is an important one as companies are dealing with limited budgets.

By now, you may have realized office moves can get complicated and expensive.

Chances are, you may not need to move everything in the current location to the new space.


5. Determine which items your company no longer uses, needs, or will be replaced after the move.

Avoid paying to move unneeded items. Moves provide a great opportunity to get rid of any furniture, documents, or equipment no longer needed. In addition, you may have items that are beyond their useful life. 

Here’s the great part….

Other organizations may be looking for your company’s unneeded things. Consider donating any unneeded furniture or equipment to local charities that can put it to good use. We, at Reynolds Transfer and Storage, work with local charities and pick up and deliver accepted charitable donations.

How about those items charitable organizations do not accept?

There are alternative options for dumping unaccepted donations of furniture or equipment in landfills. Steelcase’s Phase 2 Program provides the opportunity to donate used furniture to other organizations in need. If the items are beyond their useful life, the program finds opportunities to have it recycled into new usable products. 

For electronics that are past their useful life, locate a recycling center that finds other uses for the parts or disposes of it properly. Although electronics or e-waste make up only 2% of total waste in landfills, it constitutes 70% of total hazardous waste (Popular Science).

Documents or records not traveling to storage or the new office location should be shredded and disposed of properly. So, look into hiring a paper shredding service for safe and secure disposal.

As a family-owned business with decades of experience, Reynolds Transfer and Storage can meet your company’s office relocation needs efficiently. We take great care of our clients’ items and the environment.  As part of our sustainability initiatives, we are Green Masters Program participants.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming office move. We are convinced our services will ensure a stress-free office move. As a first step, we will gladly review your office move checklist with you.