This article was written by Natalie Evans, our Vice-President here at Reynolds Transfer & Storage.

The New York Times’ magazine cover a few weeks ago announced that “Thirty Years Ago, We Could Have Saved The Planet” (1). The article was startling and made me feel hopeless.

I am thirty. I had no influence on what was happening thirty years ago, but I do have influence on my small world, and I need to believe that my choices will make a difference. My small contributions include biking to work, composting, and reducing our consumption of single-use plastics.

Our New Solar Array

Ben, our company’s sustainability leader and Director of Operations, realized years ago how precarious our world is. His lifestyle changes and intense interest in sustainability inspire me daily, and he has led our company’s efforts with passion and dedication.

Wholly thanks to Ben, we are excited to announce the completion of our third solar array! Located at 637 E. Washington, on our record storage building, this 45kWdc system will provide power for Hallman Lindsay Paints, Thrive Chiropractic, American Family Insurance, and CenturyLink, in addition to our record storage division. Depending on the time of year, we plan to generate 50-90% of the building’s electrical needs with the new solar array.

This project joins our current solar arrays, at our Darwin Road warehouses. The Darwin Road panels were installed in November 2015, and have brought months of net-negative energy. In addition, the average grid-supplied energy use in our commercial and household goods storage buildings have dropped by about 50%, reducing our Greenhouse Gas emissions by roughly 2.5 tons per month!

Green Sustainability

We’re especially proud to be able to make these efforts while being a participant in the Wisconsin Green Masters Program, a recognition and assessment program for Wisconsin businesses that want to improve and be recognized for their sustainability and green initiatives. As a moving & storage company in Madison, WI, we’re especially proud to be able to offer our services as a part of this wonderful program. Very few to no other moving companies in Wisconsin can boast this same accomplishment!

Thank you to Sunpeak Solar for completing the work, and Focus on Energy and Madison Gas & Electric for helping with the process.