Whether you are planning a move to the other side of town or across the country, hiring professional movers will undoubtedly make the burdensome process easier. There are several advantages to putting your trust in experienced professional movers.

You may be thinking that hiring professional movers is too expensive. What if you found out that it was worth the cost?

Here are the reasons why:


Hiring Professional Movers Frees Up Your Time to Take Care of the Many Other Details of Your Move. 

Preparing for and executing a move allows you to focus your energy on your long list of moving-related “To Do’s”. Your list may include transferring or setting up utilities at your new residence, enrolling your children in new schools, forwarding your mail to your new address, or purging unwanted items from your home.

And don’t forget, in most cases, your usual everyday responsibilities can’t be put on hold. You may have a job to work at, children to care for, or other commitments that must be followed through on. The world around you keeps moving during the busyness of a move.


By Hiring Professional Movers, You Are Paying for their Experience and Efficiency.

Highly qualified professional movers have hours of experience executing moves. Over time, they have established best practices and efficient methods for moving homes in a safe, secure, and timely manner. Through their previous moving assignments, they have learned what has worked and what to avoid. 

In all likelihood, professional movers will complete the move in less time than you could without them. Therefore, hiring professional movers can not only save you time during the move but during the unpacking process as well. As they pack and move your belongings, professional movers will keep your items well organized to ensure you can unpack your belongings efficiently and items do not get lost.

In addition, relying on their experience will also prevent you from making any costly mistakes during the move process. These mistakes could be in the form of damaged belongings, physical injury, or lost time. As a result, the cost associated with these mistakes could add up very quickly.


Hiring Professional Movers Means You Do Not Have to Worry About Moving Supplies and Equipment.

Instead of spending precious time making several trips around town to collect supplies and rent equipment for your move, rely on professional movers to provide it all.

Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies:

No need to send out a search party for quality moving boxes at stores and through Craigslist, moving companies can provide the supplies to securely pack your items. This includes packing tape and protective moving blankets to protect your larger items. 

Some environmentally conscious moving companies provide reusable moving boxes. Made of polypropylene, these boxes can be reused, avoiding the added waste of cardboard boxes. As a bonus, your items are well-protected in heavy-duty boxes that will withstand the move process better than cardboard boxes.

For example, we at Reynolds Transfer & Storage offer Eco-boxes, polypropylene boxes that can be used hundreds of times. We clean our Eco-boxes before they are delivered to you, two weeks before your scheduled move date. The Eco-boxes are then picked up a week later after you have unpacked. It’s a win-win situation for yourself and the environment. As a result, there is less waste for the environment and you get the convenience of delivered boxes. On top of everything else, you have the peace of mind knowing your items are well protected in sturdy boxes.

Moving Equipment:

Professional moving companies will have all the necessary equipment to move your boxed belongings safely and efficiently. Dollies, carts, and ramps will minimize the time needed to execute the move. Most importantly, it will not only protect your belongings, but it will protect you from personal injury that can occur from lifting and carrying heavy items. 

Other Protective Materials:

As boxes and large items are moved out of one home and into another, there are chances floors and walls could sustain some damage. Whether it’s runners for wood floors, plastic for carpeted areas, or protective bumpers for door frames, professional movers will be prepared to protect the homes you are moving out of and into.


By Hiring Professional Movers, Your Belongings Will Be Protected With Valuation During the Move.

Any reputable moving company you are looking to hire should offer valuation for your move. Federal law requires moving companies to offer two types of valuation, Released Value Coverage (also known as Basic Carrier Liability) and Full Value Protection (also known as Full Value Replacement Value Protection).

Because Release Value Coverage valuation only covers your items at $0.60 per pound, Full-Value Protection would be the preferred option. In the event of damaged items, the moving company has the option to repair (or pay for the repair of) or replace (or pay for the replacement of) the item(s). Estimates from professional moving companies should include Full Value Protection valuation. However, you can opt to waive it and receive Released Value Coverage at a lower cost.

Another option is to purchase Third-Party liability valuation. However, it may be easier to deal directly with the moving company when filing claims for items lost or damaged during the move, instead of throwing another company into the mix.


Consider Hiring Professional Movers that Provide Additional Services You May Need.

Each home move is different and you may find yourself needing additional services. Here are some additional services professional moving companies may provide their clients:

Container Moves:

Sometimes the timing does not work out and you need to store your belongings temporarily. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider hiring moving professionals that offer container move service. Exclusive use of the container ensures that your items are only being moved twice. 

Auto Transport:

Particularly useful for longer-distance moves, professional moving companies offering auto transport services will ensure your automobile is transferred safely to its destination. One less thing for you to worry about.

Piano Moves:

Pianos are large investments you want to protect when moving. Hiring moving professionals with piano moving experience will give you the peace of mind knowing your investment will be delivered undamaged.

Residential Cleaning:

Some moving companies will offer the added convenience of cleaning services. The moving process is undoubtedly hectic and taking one more thing off your list of things to do gives you more time to get settled into your new home.

Electronics Set-Up:

Setting up your electronics in your new home can be a laborious process that leaves you in a tangled mess of wires. Some professional moving companies may offer this as a service on moving day. At times, setting up electronics may require the lifting or moving of heavy technology equipment. Rely on professional movers to do the connecting and heavy work.

Be sure to inquire about package deals. Professional moving companies may offer a combination of services at different price levels.

Reynolds Transfer and Storage professional moving company in the Madison, WI area offers a myriad of exceptional services to reduce the stress associated with a move. Contact us for an estimate or if you have any questions about our services.